April 28, 2008

Written by Rob Beales

Art and Cover Art by Luis Amoros
Letters and Design by Cuitla Huezo

In the long days of summer a typical water gun fight has exploded into an epic water war. The children of Stone Creek have fortified jungle gyms, backyards, and parks as rival commanders plan the next offensive. On one side the older kids have formed “The Legion of Elders”. And on the other side is “The Resistance” — kids who refuse to take orders from tyrannical dictators.

During a daring twilight raid a team of Resistance spies are captured, but not before they send out a desperate message: a devastating new weapon is headed straight for Home Base.

Now follow Captain Ridge and the Eagle Eye squad as they press into enemy territory to free their captured comrades and take on the dreaded enemy Juggernaut.

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