July 1, 2008

Written by Robert Beales & Cuitla Huezo
Art by RAmado-IMedia Arts
Cover Art by Mike Ebert
Letters and Design by Cuitla Huezo

The students of Marianne's Crossing are all daughters of powerful and influential people, and that is the only reason that they are not in prison. The institution serves as school, prison, and rehab for girls who refuse to behave by society's rules.

When one girl causes a chemical spill, it leaves only a few people unaffected by the horrible transformations. Now only the most violent and clever girls are left to try and make their way from the deepest sub-basement through the blood-thirsty maniac hordes.

The bad girls get to play by their own rules in this story of survival, and no one may get out alive.

Responses to "Broken Girls"

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