July 28, 2010

Written by The Brothers Levitch
Art by Armand Villavert
Letters by Jason Levine, Cuitla Huezo

For as long as anyone can remember, the city of Bastion has been protected by the imposing Iron Golem. His watchful eye and swift hand brought brutal justice to those who would do harm to the people. But what happens when Emma Gray — daughter of Bastion’s premier criminal kingpin — kills the mightiest hero the city has ever known?

Stormcrow follows Emma through the crowded streets of Bastion as she discovers the corrupt nature of her father and begins to realize what the Iron Golem’s death means for the city. She must decide between loyalty to her family or justice for the people of Bastion.

Steam power and clockwork machines breathe life into a city that teems with rogues and airships, beasts and the occult. Now, more than ever, heroes must rise.

Responses to "Stormcrow Volume One"

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