July 18, 2007

What happens when Emma Gray—daughter of Bastion’s premier criminal kingpin—kills the mightiest hero the city has ever known? Stormcrow Volume One follows Emma through the crowded streets of Bastion as she discovers the corrupt nature of her father. Ultimately, she must decide between loyalty to her family or justice for the people of Bastion. Stormcrow Volume One, created and written by the Brothers Levitch, with artwork by Armand Villavert Jr. (Zapt!), launches the Stormcrow trilogy. It will take readers through a high adventure tale that brings superheroes and fantasy together in an epic collision.

Stormcrow Volume One is the first trade paperback in a trilogy that is ideal for audiences of superhero, fantasy, and steam punk genres. Both male and female readers will appreciate the strength of characters that drives the story, and while it will prove to be an exciting book for seasoned comic book fans, Stormcrow is a perfect opportunity to attract new readers.

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